The Clearing is a vision of the future in the grounds of Compton Verney Art Gallery and Park

Caretaker report

23 January 2017

The Clearing

Do you want to live in the future?

The Clearing is a vision of the future, in the historic grounds of Compton Verney. We’re building a geodesic dome in the shadow of the former stately home, where people can learn how to live in a world afflicted by climate change. And now we’re looking for volunteer caretakers to come and help us bring the vision to life.

Each caretaker will stay for a five-day period, between March and December 2017. You’ll be living in the dome, totally off-grid. You can come on your own, or in a pair (a couple or friends, no-one will be bothered about your relationship status in the future).


Chopping wood, fetching water, feeding the chickens and fixing anything that breaks. We’d like you to introduce visitors to the project (when you want to), and write a short summary of your stay, for this very journal. The rest of the time is your own, to spend in the future however you wish.


A bed, a stove, a means to cook and heat water, a locally-grown food bag. A toilet, a place to wash, and an outdoor shower (solar only). And access to a library of hippy-survival guides from across the ages.


Anyone, really. You’ll need to be resilient and practical, as, for parts of your stay, you’ll be on your own in the middle of Warwickshire. Sometimes it will be cold. Sometimes it will be hot. Sometimes things will break down.


Maybe, like us, you’re worried: about the hottest years on record, and people betting on ice-shelves breaking up, and President Trump having his very long, manly fingers on the button. Maybe you want to get ready.

Or maybe you’re just curious about what living in the future would feel like, without central heating, traffic jams, Kim Kardashian and Big Asda. Maybe you just want to spend some time in another, slower, simpler world.

To apply to be a caretaker, click here, and let us know which weeks you’d like. Deadline is the 14th February.