The Clearing is a vision of the future in the grounds of Compton Verney Art Gallery and Park

How To Die In The Future

Saturday 2 December

Whenever you start thinking about sustainability, or ecology, or climate change, you inevitably reach a fundamental question: how should we live? What is our role here, on Earth? Are we supposed to be in stasis with the planet, like happy dolphins? Or should we be out there in space, mining asteroids like Bruce Willis, seeking out strange new worlds, and building Tescos and motorways and Costa coffees on them, too?

This workshop aims to talk about some of these issues. It’s named after a chapter in Ursula le Guin’s ‘Always Coming Home’, which is the happiest, most reassuring depiction of the future that we’ve ever read.

DATE: Saturday 2nd December 2017.
TIME: 11am - 4pm.
BRING: Stout footwear, some tissues or a hanky, some food to share.
TICKETS: Workshops cost £10 per adult and £5 per child. This includes admission to the grounds. To book a place, click here.
NOTE: Workshops are subsidised by the Heritage Lottery Fund.