The Clearing is a vision of the future in the grounds of Compton Verney Art Gallery and Park

Harnessing the wind

Saturday 23 September

If we keep on burning fossil fuels, we'll run out of them by the turn of the century. And nuclear power might be a little too complicated for the average homestead. That doesn't mean we need to go completely off-line, however. There’ll be plenty of wind, after all.

This workshop teaches you the basics of wind power. We’ll be joined by V3 Power, who’ll demonstrate and disassemble a Hugh Piggott turbine: an entirely hand-built wind turbine (even the blades are hand-carved from wood!). We’ll take the turbine to bits, learn some of the techniques for building it, and have a go at winding the copper for the generator. Then we'll discuss how to store the electricity you generate, what else we'll need to keep the lights on, and how we might go about getting it.

DATE: Saturday 23rd September 2017.
TIME: 11am - 4pm.
BRING: Stout footwear, some food to share.
TICKETS: Workshops cost £10 per adult and £5 per child. This includes admission to the grounds. To book a place, click here.
NOTE: Workshops are subsidised by the Heritage Lottery Fund.